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Prevent Window Frost

Prevent Window Frost I’m sure you hate scraping frost from your vehicle windows in winter as much as the rest of the world.   Here is a great tip that works to prevent window frost from forming on your windows. To prevent window frost, mix 1 part vinegar with 3 parts of water and pour […]

Laundry Tips

Laundry Tips Bleeding of Colors: Your red shirt got mixed in with other clothes and ruined them? First off, DON’T DRY THEM! Wash again with regular detergent and color-safe bleach. If that didn’t work, Rit®, the makers of clothes dye, makes a color remover that works wonders and doesn’t cost much. To prevent bleeding in […]

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips Ant Repellant: To keep ants out of the house, find where the ants are entering the house and sprinkle a “barrier” of cinnamon or any type of ground pepper to block their way. The spices are too hot for the ants to cross. Cucumber peels have the same effect. Bathroom Odors: Place an opened box […]

A Great Stain Remover

A Great Stain Remover In my little world, items like cream of tartar (potassium bitartrate) are not simply a super way to stabilize egg whites but also scandalously inexpensive cleaning secrets. This long-forgotten gem of a cleaning agent may be used with a little water or vinegar to lift even the most stubborn stains. Unattractive […]

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