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Danny Spurlock

Danny Spurlock

Danny Spurlock

Danny Spurlock,
Almanac USA

I began in publishing in 1993 when I started publishing the South Central Kentucky Edition of Bingo Info Magazine. 

I have always been fascinated by Astrology and the “Signs”. As a child, I can remember my grandparents always talking about planting by the signs or the signs are right for this or that. One of the big ones was always “never pull teeth when the signs are in the head, they will bleed you to death”. I never really understood what the signs were, or how you knew what signs was when.

In 2005 a good friend of mine, and I took a trip to Pennsylvania and Maryland. While on this trip I happened to pick up a copy of “J. Gruber’s Hagerstown Town and Country Almanack”. It was this almanac that renewed my interest in astrology and inspired me to publish the London Town and Country Almanac.

I located Ms. Carolyn Egan a renowned Astrologer, Astrometeorologist, Teacher and Author. Ms. Egan introduced me to Nancy McEwen, who our first Astrometorologiest.

Since beginning this project in 2008, I have learned a lot and our team have grown. We recently added some very fine Astrologers and Astrometeorologist whom we are proud to have on our team.

I hope you enjoy our website and find it useful. If you have a suggestion please feel free to let me know.

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