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Doing by the signs

Doing by the signs

Canning Kraut or pickles Don’t try to can Kraut or Pickles when the signs are in any part of the stomach or feet, it’ll stink you out of the house.
Pulling Teeth Never have a tooth pulled when the signs are in the head.
Planting potatoes Never plant potatoes when the signs are in the feet, they will have knots like toes.
Nailing Shingles or Boards Don’t nail shingles or boards on the “growing side” of the moon, or the ends will draw up and curl.
Never plant beans in Gemini If you plant beans when the signs are in the arms, “they’ll bloom to death, but not bear.”
Painting Paint houses or cars when the signs are in the Head or Heart.
Lay a Foundation Always lay a foundation when the signs are in the knees.
Planting corn Plant corn when the signs are in the arms or the breast.
Flowers Flowers are best planted when the signs are in the kidneys.

Good Friday, especially in the afternoon of that day, is a good day for planting

Ember Days which are just super killing days. No planting should occur on an Ember Day ” never, ever!

Away back in 1562, a man by the name of Thomas Tusser wrote in his “500 points of Goode Husbandry”:

“Sow pease and beanes in the dark of the moone,

Who soweth them sooner, he soweth too soon;

That they with the planet may rest and arise,

And flourish with bearing most plentifully and wise.”

Another useful bit of information is about moon planting as the Moon travels through each one of the Zodiac signs. This occurs about once per month and it stays in each sign of the zodiac approx. 2 1/2 days before it moves onto the next sign.. As you can see from the information below, there are different tasks assigned to each sign. This is done according to planetary influences and is a very ancient system. The chart below will add an extra measure of success to your gardening techniques.


When the Moon in Aries it is a dry & barren time; plant onions, hot peppers & garlic, cultivate what has already been planted and kill weeds & insects.


When the Moon is in Taurus it is a moist and productive time. A very good time for planting things, especially, root crops such as turnips, potatoes, carrots, peanuts and for cultivating bulbs.


When the Moon is in Gemini it is aagain dry and barren and a good time to stir up and aerate the soil, subdue weeds, pinch buds to stop unwanted growth.


When the Moon in Cancer is the most moist & fertile time in the Zodiac. This is the best time of all for any planting that needs to be done. Time to plant above ground crops, flowers, etc. and to irrigate, do grafting, and to transplant new seedlings. You will notice that seeds germimate very quickly during this time.


When the Moon is in Leo it is the driest, most barren of times. You should not plant during this time nor should you do any trimming of vines or trees; you can kill weeds & insects, and burn out old growth in the fields.


When the Moon is in Virgo it is a moist, but barren time. During this phase cut weeds, tie up pole-plants, clean the dirt & rust off your garden tools, tuck new mulch around plants and generally “tidy” and clean up the garden.


When the Moon is in Libra it is a moist and fairly productive time, good for vigorous pulp growth, and hearty grain yields. This is the best time to plant any ornamental flowers or sow flower seeds.


When the Moon is in Scorpio is a very moist and productive time. This is the best time for fertilizing your crops and is good for planting too. The item that grows best when planted at this time is any veining plant. This is a fine time to irrigate.


The Moon in Sagittarius it is a dry and barren time. You will want to refrain from planting now or try to trim plants to “stunt” growth.


When the Moon is in Capricornus it can be a fairly productive time and is especially good for planting root crops such as carrots and potatoes. This is also the time to wean livestock or pets that you raise.


When the Moon is in Aquarius it is a dry & barren time. During this time you will not want to plant but you may find it an agreeable time for stirring the soil & killing weeds. If you wish to harvest during this phase the last quarter of the New Moon is best.


When the Moon is in Pisces it is a moist and very productive time. You will find it an excellent sign for the growth of fruits and berries, and to fertilize the garden. You will note short, quick growth during this period and it is wonderful for deep roots and bulbs.

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